So we know that you might not yet have found that ideal item for your furkid, even though you’re itching to buy something during our anniversary sale.

Never fear, because part two of our birthday bash is here!

Have you ever wished you could do more to customise your own dog ID tag? You’ll be super excited to see our latest addition to the store.

The Hanami ID tag is an engraved dog ID tag, customisable in 3 colours.

Besides the usual name/contact number options, you can also choose between a key ring or ball chain-type attachment, and a cute silhouette of your dog’s breed.

Here are a few examples of the available silhouettes:

Owners of cats and other pets can choose from other designs, too.

This lightweight sakura tag is sure to be the envy of many.

We’re launching at a special bundled price of $64 for a set of 2! (U.P. $76 for set of 2)

The entire customisation process including engraving is done in Japan, before getting shipped here specially for you!

Why not grab your best furpal today and create your own matching set of fur-ever friends ID tags?

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