The Miyabi Notice Board

Magasin Miyabi began primarily because we love our our furry employees to bits. We would like to spread this love by helping animal causes, charities and shelters in whatever small ways we can. For starters, we have set up this notice board for furfriends in need of support and help.

If you wish to put up a notice, please fill out the request form below, and we will see how we can help you spread the word. As our store grows, we hope to contribute a little more each time to the well-being of furballs great and small.

Please note that while we do try to keep an eye on what goes on the notice board, we are not responsible for the contents posted. We also have the discretion to take down any notice at any point of time. Refer to our Notice Board Policy for further details.

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Latest Submissions

Spooktecular Halloween Accessories

Check out our Autumn Collection for Halloween pet accessories to help your furry out in filling up that treat basket during their Trick-or-Treat rounds at the end of the month!
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