Groomo Grooming Brush with fur-catching adhesive tape roller [2 colours]



This grooming brush doubles as a lint/fur roller, and is great for giving your pets a massage while brushing them.

It’s a grooming brush you’ll be proud to display, with its minimalist Japanese design and colour. Use it to clean fur off your clothing, sofas etc. as well.

This item comes with 1 roll of adhesive paper tape (Urban pattern) that’s gentle on pets yet picks up loose fur.



  • Made in Japan
  • Recommended for pets with short fur
  • Outer body is made from ABS resin
  • Inner roller core is made from nylon
  • Adhesive tape is made from paper
  • Tape width: 80mm
  • Tape roll innermost diameter: 38mm

Additional information

Weight 222 g

Berry, Blue-green

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