The Raffwear Story

For all the hounds, mutts, divas and scallywags who grace our lives, there is always one we remember a little more fondly.

Mine is Raffles, a liver-spotted Dalmatian gifted to me by family while I was living in London. Raffles’ athleticism and voracious need for exploration transformed me from a sheltered city slicker to a muddy, eager adventurer! From swimming in freezing lakes to chasing after rabbits, we hurtled over the landscapes of Great Britain come rain, hail or shine.

Raffles passed away years ago but I was forever changed. Back in Malaysia, there is still no bigger rush for me than hiking through the jungle with my new pack. That’s what Raffwear is about – quality products that make it easier for you to enjoy life with your favourite companion.

We support small businesses by sourcing skilled local craftspeople, and a percentage of our profits go towards animal shelters and Malaysian strays.

Created with love for the ones we love.

Yours faithfully
Founder of Raffwear

Types of covers available


Front seat covers are popular with owners of small dogs who love to sit in the front seat. These come in black water resistant canvas; or black waterproof polyester/nylon mix.


Rear seat covers come in 2 variations: Standard and Deluxe. Both variations come in the waterproof polyester/nylon fabric only. They both stretch across the entire rear seat, and have features to prevent dogs from climbing to the front seat.

Deluxe is a recent addition to the product lineup. It has better coverage than the Standard model, helping to prevent car doors from scratches (especially for dogs who love to jump at passing cars outside the window). It also offers better protection from spillage accidents e.g. vomit. Deluxe is thoughtfully developed for injured, paralysed or low-mobility dogs with input from a dog shelter. Its special design helps prevent special needs dogs from falling into the gaps between front and rear seats.

Other Useful Features

  • A zip-fastened ‘curtain’ divider between the rear seat and front seats, to deter nosy furkids from distracting the driver. The zipper pull can be secured to prevent the ‘curtain’ from unzipping when a playful or smart dog puts his weight on the cover in his attempts to climb to the front.
  • Zipper faces the driver for easy human access from the driver’s seat.
    Straps for attaching the cover to car seat headrests are adjustable and have clip-on buckles.
  • Seat belt attachment openings are secured with zippers instead of Velcro fastening (which is commonly used by other brands), reducing tearing.

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